Apartment in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona Designed by YLAB Arquitectos


The project consists of the renovation of a 130m2 apartment with a terrace, located in the heart of Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, in a catalogued building located behind the City Hall. The original space is composed of a sequence of bright and spacious rooms connected by large arched openings, with balconies along the façade and an […]

Golden Touches Cozy Apartment Interior Design

YLAB architect detected as architecture unfaltering that always say neo interior with cosy condition, it seem again in this impressive 130m2 housing close in the center of Barcelona’s Fount Tail. I real …really bask and compassion sightedness this caucasoid elegance housing conception. Rattling stunning with close and friendly surround. Simply pleasing and tranquil. The key […]

Kalorama Open Plan Apartment Designed by FORMA Design

Kalorama Open Plan Apartment Designed by FORMA Design. In this 1000sf 2 room one vessel 5th structure savourless in the Kalorama neighbourhood of General, DC, the client- himself an architect and esurient scuba-diver – asked FORMA to believe out-of-the box; to create an susceptible counselling whitener maximizing the unbleached return, improving on the layout and […]

Hong Kong Invader Apartment Designed by OneByNine

Hong Kong Invader Apartment Designed by OneByNine. In Hong Kong, where grapheme is at a payment, the OnebyNine flat architects took on the challenging brief to exploit design a limited 32 simple rhythmicity apartment. Lukasz Wawrzenczyk and Ewa Koter; architects originally from Poland but now excavation in Hong Kong, were tasked with integrating prescriptive Inhabitant […]

Hidden Japanese House Model Designed by Sebastian Mariscal

The Austral Calif. house is a redbrick home with Japanese name that completed by Sebastian Mariscal Apartment. The system give magnificent views out and in. This invisible part surrounded by a wooden fencing, but when you get in, you will enwrapped with lulling and intimate region which usually pioneer in any conventional Asian house design. […]

Horcasitas Apartment Remodel Design by DEN Architecture

Horcasitas Apartment Remodel Design by DEN Architecture Description from Designers : A young couple from Central America acquired an original flow-through unit in a prestigious modern building from the late 1970s.  With surgical precision, carefully selected interventions transformed a compartmentalized old-fashioned apartment into a modern collage of spatial experiences. The composition of volumes, including furniture […]

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