Tusciao valet stand a piece of furniture for every day needs


Tusciao valet stand is the piece of furniture for every day needs. It’s made for a neat and practical hanging for your clothes and accessories. To each his own: the three elements in beech wood and metal rod perfectly accommodate the most delicate apparel, from jackets to pants to accessories. So you’ll easily find everything […]

Airline Trolleys Furniture by Skypak – Mobile Living Design


  The young design team at German start-up Skypak is taking the design industry by storm, with its newest addition to a premium collection of Mobile Living Design furniture. Transforming the classic airplane trolley, the “La Barrique” design features carefully selected reclaimed wood from exclusive wine and whiskey barrels from well-known chateaus and famous distilleries, […]

Frolle-coat-hanger Designed by Andrea Brugnera


Frolle are delicious wall coat hanger made of wood with chocolate or cream glaze finish. As in the shortbread boxes, every set contains different cookie shapes. “Yummy” gift idea or a playful,  tasty way to furnish and to make out the most of the wall of any room. Cream or chocolate? Frolle is a set […]

Innovative geometric structure of pharmaceutical office by Geometrix Design


The office of an innovative pharmaceutical company is designed in a contemporary style. Its basic idea is a geometric structure of the interior and decoration: wall panels, glass partitions, the mode of the reception desk; even the ceramic granite on the floor is set in hexagons. However, all this hides a functional part: behind the […]

Tcherassi Vilato – Let’s Eat tables and The Better Than Chocolate Sofas


We are pleased to publish this signature´s sweet furniture. A truly original design, that illustrate our minds and perception of space and furniture. “the Better Than Chocolate sofas” is more than fun, Willy Wonka would love to have one of these in his living room, and anyone with good taste of interior design. We can […]

Recycled material console table – BuzziSwitch – CLUB – Designed by Sas Adriaenssens


What if your needs could define the function of your furniture? What are you doing? Do you want to sit and relax or do you need a surface to work on? Maybe you are waiting for someone, or simply lounging around? You might need some peace or just define your space.BuzziSwitch: your own flexible silence.The […]

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