House in Mosteiro by Arquitectos Matos

JM_CasaMosteiro_Arquitectos Matos_166

The concept of the project comes from the combined interpretation of the functional program of a single-family house with the specific premises of the clients, as from the study of the characteristics of the lot and its surroundings and morphological conditions. The house is organized in a single floor around a central courtyard, facing South […]

JGC House by MDBA Architects – Barcelona Spain


Form and the position of the house is a reponse to the shape and aspect of the plot, closed on the street side and open to the city landscape. each level has its own relationship with the external space. vertical communication is a backbone that connects spaces on either side, it is closed at the […]

Restoration project of a rural building by Luca Zanaroli architetto


When I came across what would become my refuge in Salento, the thing that struck me immediately of the building, as well as the place, it was his “monumental”. Not so much for a particular artistic or architectural value (in fact it is a rather rudimentary construction and poor), but for its strength and capacity […]

Casa nel bosco di ulivi Designed by Luca Zanaroli architetto


The land on which should have been made the new building was and still  full of beautiful olive trees. The intention of the designer was to maintain the integrity and the perception of the place without changing the natural look of the enviroment. To achieve this it was therefore necessary to obtain a correct insertion […]



Contemporary architectural family house in a  residential  classified historic colonial zone of Chimalistac in Mexico city . It  difficult to say anything else  about another house , and this is what this is about, is a house made to order for a client, which is often more complex than developing a large building. The result depends […]

W House designed by 01ARQ Estudio de arquitectura


W House develops a program that includes 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room and terraces. The commission presented two restrictions, the first to create spaces protected from the wind and the second not exceed a construction budget of 12 UF (US$ 500) per square meter. The site of 50mt by 100mt is next to a […]

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