4 Porches and 4 Skylights House by ferran vizoso | architecture


The clients asked for a house that had to be close from the outside but open from the inside. Had to have introverted facades, to maintain the privacy of their adjacent plot, but at the same time generous views towards all its carefully landscaped perimeter. Four triangular porches solved the paradoxical demand due to the […]

Casa Sifera By Arquitecturia


SIFERA House is based on the concept of pre-design where the project is worked on jointly with the manufacturers from the initial phases. The manufacturers develop a construction system for SIFERA based on pre-industrialization, pre-assembly and the use of easily recyclable materials.           Arquitecturia http://www.arquitecturia.net Girona based Arquitecturia has worked on […]

Eldbalz 2008 Designed by gus wüstemann architects


This project is not a house but a family sculpture looking for freedom and social interaction. The created sculpture contains family life, where everybody meets and circulates on the first floor, while providing a great view over the lake of Zurich. This sculpture separates the parents’ area, which is on top of the sculpture, and […]

Pool House – 2 Verandas Designed by gus wüstemann architects


This is a house for a young South African family in Erlenbach, just outside Zurich along the lake. The plot is in a suburban context and therefor pretty dense with family homes, typical for the area. The site is on a slope, where on top there are beautiful views to the lake with evening sun […]

Pool House, Sagaponack Designed by Bates + Masi Architects


Located in Sagaponack this family house for a couple and their children has been designed to host a numerous guests. A house with garage, swimming pool and sports court, it is a barrier between the sea and the lagoon where carving to connect all the features. sliding doors and all over the house to make […]

Promenade House Desigend by FORM-Kouichi Kimura Architects


Thin buldings are the current projects we are now featuring, as they are trendy this days where no space is left on big cities, there is always someone who can get a small lot in downtown to make a dream true.  Hope you get inspired with this one that has been done in one of […]

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