Cala Conta Ibiza Designed by Maged Bermawi


In a prime position overlooking the bay of Cala Conta, widely regarded as one of the best stretches of beach in the Mediterranean and offers a fantastic view of the known Illa del Bosc, which stands for the best sunsets on the island. The Calaconta design philosophy is to blur the boundaries between inside and […]

Casa Lomas Altas, Designed by Claudia Lopez Duplan


The house was built in the early 80’s and is located west of Mexico City. The remodeling made by Claudia Lopez Duplan was a total renovation of both space and image. In addition to interior and exterior renovation, major changes were also made in all the facilities, especially for the unification of the public areas. […]

Weekend House Japan : Garden and Sea

the house of seaside

Hat amazing first impression you see this house, as far as the eye can see as far as the sea without limits, you can see high stools, deep as the sea, as you feel. We design the right home in the beautiful scenery. This house-shaped cylinder with a more narrowed rear and a wider front […]

Humo composición by Jaime Alberto Mendoza Toledo


Nowadays, Guadalajara, Mexico is considered by local and foreign entrepreneurs to be one of the most attractive cities in which to invest. Experts on the subject rank the city among the top five with greater economic potential in North America. The field of construction, as a good indicator of growth, has demonstrated intense activity in […]

Pure White House – by Susanna Cots – Estudi-de-disseny


“Pure white” is a project located in Granada España, its name fits well as we see in all the pictures arround. White, a clear color that is often used in many warm and or tropical places, but in this case there is something more than just a trend white color building style, and it’s the […]

Cloudy House: Oita City Japan

cloudy house out

All to know Oita city in Japan, the city is very cool and beautiful, this house can be found in the district of Oita, Japan. This spacious home is only a quarter the size of the house in general. considering the design of this house has a stream of light and skating and solid. We […]

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