The Concept: Where most of the fitness centers around the world follow set rules of planning and interiors, Moksha was inspired by a will to define a new language for exercise and training centers. The client desired an extension to the existing gymnasium including a Spa and Spinning studio. This was to be housed in […]



The Concept: Since ancient times, India has been a home to the art of metal sculpturing and craftsmanship and has produced various methods to carry on the craft which are still prevalent all over the world. It has produced some of the greatest metal artisans of all time. But in the last few decades, due […]

Reflection House by Henkin Shavit Architecture & Design


250 years old stone house, locate in the old city of Safed in the north of Israel. HenkinShavit – Reflection House from Henkin Shavit Studio: HENKIN SHAVIT Architecture & Design Designers: Henkin Irit & Shavit Zohar Location: Safed, Israel Area: 175 sqm Year: 2015 Photographs: Asaf pinchuk Video: Henkin Shavit Architecture & Design

Punta Sayulita Luxury Home


Punta Sayulita Luxury Home is a spectacular two level 8,675 sq.ft (805.93m²) house with Palapa roofs, accommodates 3 bedrooms, each with a full bath, as well 2 separate outdoor showers and 2 half baths. This beautiful house has expansive views to the ocean and spectacular vistas of the surrounding coastline, with direct access to the […]

House with four houses by prod architecture & design


This holiday house for a family of four is located in the north of Portugal. It’s shape is defined by the same number of individual volumes. They have similar dimensions but distinct orientations. Three of the volumes are orthogonally organized around a core, whilst a fourth rotates to match the direction of an existing neighbouring […]

Loft Design by Zohar Shavit and Irit Henkin, Panoramic view in jaffa – Tel Aviv

Panoramic view in jaffa - loft inrerior design  10

The couple, an interior designer and a graphic designer, lives in the apartment for two years. The loft is based on the 12th floor of a prefabricated exposed concrete building built in the early 60’s and it occupies approximately 95 sqm. From the loft, found at the top of the building in southern Jaffa, Tel […]

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