Punta Sayulita Luxury Home


Punta Sayulita Luxury Home is a spectacular two level 8,675 sq.ft (805.93m²) house with Palapa roofs, accommodates 3 bedrooms, each with a full bath, as well 2 separate outdoor showers and 2 half baths. This beautiful house has expansive views to the ocean and spectacular vistas of the surrounding coastline, with direct access to the […]

Home restoration in Mexico City -San Angel – by DF ARQUITECTOS

Home restoration in Mexico City -San Angel - by DF ARQUITECTOS

The main objective behind the restoration and remodelling of a 1971 house was adding two more additional levels and extension of the house. The house contains two gardens and five deck/terrace in the 3 story house. With an excellent orientation, it is in use since 2013 and manages to transmit the architectural idea of inhabiting […]

GL31 – Architecture or Sudoku? by Pascal Arquitectos

GL31 - Architecture or Sudoku by Pascal Arquitectos 12

  Because of the value of the ground and the pressure coming from the developers to obtain the maximum potential out of each piece of land, we have been forced to think and create new architecture, where the spatiality is a consequence and not the main objective to reach, and where everything becomes a tridimensional […]



  This real state is located in Hacienda de Las Palmas Ave. # 10, Subdivision Hacienda de Las Palmas, Huixquilucan State of Mexico and extends on a 2’897.13 m2 area, with an average level difference from front to rear-end of 17 meters, which represented the first disadvantage since a river flows in the rear-end and […]

Hilton Lobby Bar – Furniture and Interior Design by Pascal Arquitectos

Hilton Lobby Ba - Furniture and Interior Design by Pascal Arquitectos 9

Due to the new circumstances ,and the fact that the controlled obsolescence cycles were reaching its own terms ( fact that allows to recycle ourselves at the same tame) we are changing the actual bar to fit the new conditions. Following the previous experiences after 8 years from the Hotel inauguration and after a deep […]



Contemporary architectural family house in a  residential  classified historic colonial zone of Chimalistac in Mexico city . It  difficult to say anything else  about another house , and this is what this is about, is a house made to order for a client, which is often more complex than developing a large building. The result depends […]

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