The Concept: Since ancient times, India has been a home to the art of metal sculpturing and craftsmanship and has produced various methods to carry on the craft which are still prevalent all over the world. It has produced some of the greatest metal artisans of all time. But in the last few decades, due […]

Bottles Congress in Braga designed by Tiago do Vale Arquitectos


BOTTLES’ CONGRESS The “Bottles’ Congress” project came as an answer to the very particular challenges presented by a wine and spirits store in unique circumstances. Located in the outskirts of the city of Braga, in northern Portugal, next to Minho’s University, the client required a system to display over a thousand different wine and spirits […]

V2K Nisantasi Store Design by Autoban

V2K Nisantasi Store Design by Autoban Description from Designers : Located in the centre of Istanbul’s classiest shopping district, a striking angular entrance welcomes visitors to browse designer pieces by top brands from all over the world. A large angular column reaches up and past a mezzanine floor, creating an impressive space at the entrance […]

Neil Barrett “Shop in Shops” Design by Zaha Hadid Architects

Neil Barrett ‘Shop in Shops’ Design by Zaha Hadid Architects Description from Designers : A display landscape The ‘Shop in Shop’ concept for Neil Barrett is based on a singular, cohesive project that is divided into sixteen separate pieces. Specific pieces have then been selected and installed into each of the four Neil Barrett ‘Shop […]

My Fluffy Friend’s Pet Shop Design by MCM Interiors

My Fluffy Friend’s Pet Shop Design by MCM Interiors Description from Designers : With a limited budget, MCM Interiors was able to change this 950 square foot space which used to be a very dark lounge, into a bright, fresh, and playful environment which was both pet and people friendly. The large structural column in […]

UXUS HQ Design by UXUS Design

UXUS HQ Design by UXUS Design Description from Designers : Contrasting the ethereal aesthetics of poetry with the rigidity of industrial style, the interior of the UXUS office prompts abstract thinking, yet maximizes productivity. Inspired by the poetic trait of the “in-between”, the space is a tension of opposing elements. Soft and sharp, old and […]

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