Humo composición by Jaime Alberto Mendoza Toledo


Nowadays, Guadalajara, Mexico is considered by local and foreign entrepreneurs to be one of the most attractive cities in which to invest. Experts on the subject rank the city among the top five with greater economic potential in North America. The field of construction, as a good indicator of growth, has demonstrated intense activity in […]

Private House by Studio Lucio Serpagli architetti


The new building is by the side of the recent development of Borgo Val di Taro, in a large residential neighbourhood under urbanization. The settlement, integrated in the mountains of the Taro Valley, appears as a core within a natural basin surrounded by the Appenine mountains. The building wants and creates new sight relationship with […]

Four Story Townhouse 5th Street Designed by TBHC

Four Story Townhouse 5th Street Designed by TBHC. One of TBHCo’s archetypical projects, this 4 taradiddle townhouse in object Tract Position was renovated and the owner’s apartment was completely gutted. The interior/exterior intend, honour, built-ins and tradition wreak were fashioned and/or shapely by TBHCo’s design unit. Redundant banging raise hung windows slew the home with […]

Block Townhouse Interior Design by Cecconi Simone

Block Townhouse Interior Design by Cecconi Simone Description from Designers : The 662 s.f. show suite is a careful study in urban living, its manifest simplicity belying its essential complexity. It embodies the modern impulse for openness, unity, and fluidity, within which functional parts are accommodated effortlessly. The character of the different zones is easy […]

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