House with four houses by prod architecture & design


This holiday house for a family of four is located in the north of Portugal. It’s shape is defined by the same number of individual volumes. They have similar dimensions but distinct orientations. Three of the volumes are orthogonally organized around a core, whilst a fourth rotates to match the direction of an existing neighbouring […]

Restoration project of a rural building by Luca Zanaroli architetto


When I came across what would become my refuge in Salento, the thing that struck me immediately of the building, as well as the place, it was his “monumental”. Not so much for a particular artistic or architectural value (in fact it is a rather rudimentary construction and poor), but for its strength and capacity […]

4 Porches and 4 Skylights House by ferran vizoso | architecture


The clients asked for a house that had to be close from the outside but open from the inside. Had to have introverted facades, to maintain the privacy of their adjacent plot, but at the same time generous views towards all its carefully landscaped perimeter. Four triangular porches solved the paradoxical demand due to the […]

Cala Conta Ibiza Designed by Maged Bermawi


In a prime position overlooking the bay of Cala Conta, widely regarded as one of the best stretches of beach in the Mediterranean and offers a fantastic view of the known Illa del Bosc, which stands for the best sunsets on the island. The Calaconta design philosophy is to blur the boundaries between inside and […]

Humo composición by Jaime Alberto Mendoza Toledo


Nowadays, Guadalajara, Mexico is considered by local and foreign entrepreneurs to be one of the most attractive cities in which to invest. Experts on the subject rank the city among the top five with greater economic potential in North America. The field of construction, as a good indicator of growth, has demonstrated intense activity in […]

Hungary R-House Designed by Polla Bauer & Andras Onodi

Hungary R-House Designed by Polla Bauer & Andras Onodi. The house was stacked in the lately parcelled suburb country of a parochial town, intersected by vineyards. Organized by Polla Bauer and András Ónodi, this structure with its incisive contour and separate elegance at the synoptical example stands out now from the community. Intercepted into the […]

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