Modern Glass House Designed by 123DV

Modern Glass House Designed by 123DV. Netherlands based architecture firm-123DV late launched the modern glasswork house placed in natural and laputan vegetation. This impressive prefab provide house is a super minimalist house design that using supply surround separation in 4 wall. Minimalist interiors are punctuated by frameless floor-to-ceiling windows and factual floors which create modernistic […]

Schmitz Country House Designed by Felipe Assadi Architect

Nice country house located in Calera Tango, Santiago, Chile is the residential project for a marriage with no children that was done by Felipe Assadi Architects at a 4.5 Ha land area. Calera Tango is a commune located one hour from the capital. It is located in an intermediate situation between the Andes Mountains and […]

La Concha Modern Glass & Stone Residence House Designed by MOOARC

La Concha Modern Glass & Stone Residence House Designed by MOOARC. Designed by MOOARC

Future Glass House Design Style

Future Glass House Design Style. What would it be the Configuration and design of House for the Future? A Solid House Design Idea? This power be one of the set for Later House Deisgn. The cornerstone of the Supply House was to design an environmentally amenable, ultra-low vitality extant interval incorporating state-of-the-art tangible technologies. The […]

Open Block Glass & Concrete House Designed by ARQX Arquitectos

Open Block Glass and Concrete House Designed by ARQX arquitectos. ARQX arquitectos has finished a enthusiastic job in artful this Agaze Obstructor House by creating straight and congealed visage at this glaze and real home design. Set in Porto, Portugal with 555 sqm position extent, this unmixed geometric structure constitute of Undetermined Immobilise House was […]

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