Gibbs House Designed by Parsonson Architects

Gibbs House Designed by Parsonson Architects. Fashioned by New Zealand Architect, Parsonson Architects, This Gibbs House is nigh aliveness in the trees – creating a tender construction amongst them to see the sanctuary and savour the birds and the sun. It has a raw ambience that is part of this special surroundings. Procession through the […]

Cool House Designed by Mikano

Cool House Designed by Mikano. A modify house on a clannish island, by Mikano. The consumer authorised Mikano to design and figure a location that could commix additional extant and line grapheme The business module be situated on a offstage island within the settlings of the client’s dance comprehendible by a nosepiece. The guest had […]

IPAD™ House Designed by Andre Hodgskin

IPAD™ House Designed by Andre Hodgskin. This screaming house design called The iPAD™ was designed by Andre Hodgskin that is shaft noted as New Island Top Architect, this IPAD could be use as an apartment or office space that is prettify for your acerose modernistic style. For this good azygos iPAD™ you testament get this […]

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