JA HOUSE by Filipe Pina + Maria Inês Costa, Architectes

JA House - north-center of Portugal  -Filipe Pina + Maria Inês Costa-  Architectes

JA HOUSE Located on the north-center of Portugal, the house was meant to combine the rural and the urban lifestyle. The lot is surrounded by different types of constructions, consequence of the informal settlements, characteristics of most Portuguese cities neighbourhoods. The existent stone ruins, vestige of a traditional house and the lot’s configuration, were the […]

Bottles Congress in Braga designed by Tiago do Vale Arquitectos


BOTTLES’ CONGRESS The “Bottles’ Congress” project came as an answer to the very particular challenges presented by a wine and spirits store in unique circumstances. Located in the outskirts of the city of Braga, in northern Portugal, next to Minho’s University, the client required a system to display over a thousand different wine and spirits […]

BAKERY in Oporto by Paulo Merlini

BAKERY in Oporto by Paulo Merlini_015

Before designing this project we´ve visited and analyzed other similar spaces trying to find some errors that could be corrected. We found out that a basic error being committed was that most of these services only had one type of space. This design attitude ignored the variation of mood one fells during the day, or […]



A concrete house that emerges from the hill with great personality,  at first sight it looks like an corporation office, but you realize there is a kitchen upstairs and some The designer says: The house is located in a “typical” peripheries urbanization of Pousos, a parish of the municipality of Leiria. Situated east of the […]

Casa MC II House Designed by Central Arquitectos


Casa MC II House Designed by Central Arquitectos. The old construction improvement and their adjustment to the subject and programmatic requirements colligate that the age is progressively a fear for architects and peer architecture. In this framing, the existing structure had no architectural evaluate, the conditions were set by their artifact, volume and size.   […]

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