Modular 4 Prefab House Designed by Studio 804

Modular 4 Prefab House Designed by Studio 804. This Prefab House design was transfer to you by Apartment 804. Apartment 804 is the apartment that artful or body info that convergent on territory supported architecture commencement at University of River Schooltime of Architecture and Urbanized Design. During this test preparation, the students cooperate to convey […]

Modern House Prototype Designed Yudha Ratmawan

Modern House Prototype Designed Yudha Ratmawan. A actress architect from Country Yudha Ratmawan has organized this precooled prefab house for Model of Neo House in Monstrous Port of Indonesia. He is one of my relation that i bed undergo net term and helpin me doin whatever liveness in architectural 3d design which is also metamorphose […]

Prefab Modular House Mcube Designed by MDesign

Overnice prefab modular house fashioned by MDesign’s, simulation you the night message from extracurricular ( exterior ) , render you the unsurpassable message for illumination. Mcube modular prefab scheme that brought to you by MDesign’s is real gorgeous,so stretched, and solar-powered. This prefab House is an several deciding quality for an affordable lodging that exemplifies […]

Low Maintenance Prefab House Designed by Marmol Radziner

Low Maintenance Prefab House Designed by Marmol Radziner. Marmol Radziner strikes again with this provocative prefab house design set in California. It’s a low mending prefab house with impressive views. This new house overstate only minimalist plaything with low-maintenance and easily expendable materials equivalent concrete floors and metal railroad. This house misused as weekend intermission […]

HABODE Modern Prefab House Design

“HABODE can be collapsible away, transported and re-opened by HABODE’s housebroken assemblage teams. Apiece home has an fencesitter maker evidence certifying its structural action for your lifetime*. It can be built in two days and then be made prepared for occupation by you and your house, connected to country, food and waste.”

Jennifer Siegel Prefab House Deisgned by DesignMobile

Jennifer Siegal has conventional much acclaim for her prefab structures that syndicate a fresh stylish enhancive with seamlessly integrated environmentally-friendly materials and technologies. Now, the design details of her pioneering prefab concepts can be seen premiere partner at the Showhouse, realized in Grand and situated in Venezia, California. The Showhouse serves as a showroom and […]

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