Carrer Avinyó – World Festival of Interiors best interior design of 2013 by David Kohn Architects


Apartment in Barrio Gotico, Barcelona Carrer Avinyó is a piano nobile apartment in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona. The apartment is situated on the corner of a significant local crossroads. Like the Flatiron Building in New York, where Broadway cuts diagonally across the city grid, the apartment building has a distinctive triangular form that is […]

JGC House by MDBA Architects – Barcelona Spain


Form and the position of the house is a reponse to the shape and aspect of the plot, closed on the street side and open to the city landscape. each level has its own relationship with the external space. vertical communication is a backbone that connects spaces on either side, it is closed at the […]

4 Porches and 4 Skylights House by ferran vizoso | architecture


The clients asked for a house that had to be close from the outside but open from the inside. Had to have introverted facades, to maintain the privacy of their adjacent plot, but at the same time generous views towards all its carefully landscaped perimeter. Four triangular porches solved the paradoxical demand due to the […]

Casa Sifera By Arquitecturia


SIFERA House is based on the concept of pre-design where the project is worked on jointly with the manufacturers from the initial phases. The manufacturers develop a construction system for SIFERA based on pre-industrialization, pre-assembly and the use of easily recyclable materials.           Arquitecturia Girona based Arquitecturia has worked on […]

Casa OS Green House Designed by Nolaster Architects

Casa OS Green House Designed by Nolaster Architects. A esoteric owned spend sustainable home set in Cantabria, Spain. Organized by Madrid-based Nolaster Architects, Casa OS. This lovely home has a high-end skillfulness, low-impact fitting and integrates naive business design. The irony is that the primary design scheme wasn’t knowing to be a green structure, but […]

Mallorca St Margarita House Designed by SCT – SANCHEZ-CANTALEJO+TOMAS

Mallorca St Margarita House Designed by SCT – SANCHEZ-CANTALEJO+TOMAS. The propel consists of a unfixed house in the municipality of Santa Margarita, point of the island of Island. Premeditated by Country Architect, SCT “SANCHEZ-CANTALEJO + TOMAS”. The parcel is located at the top of a structure, close to the religion on the bound of municipality, […]

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