The materials R&D Complex by Samoo Architects and Engineers

Samsung Material Research Complex - Site view

The materials R&D Complex, located in Samsung site that clustered R&D Complexes of Samsung Electronics: Mobile R&D center and Parts R&D center, has been completed at December, 2013. The complex consists of 5 research buildings with 2 communal buildings. Key to our design for this complex was the concept of ‘Communication’ so that various affiliated […]

Samsung Electronics Training center by SAMOO Architects and Engineers


Samsung Electronics Training center is the first training establishment built specifically for Samsung Electronics. Its purpose is to train members of Samsung Electronics participating in various positions which includes new recruits, R&D experts, international recruits and so forth, to become creative leaders through distinguished yet rigorous programs. The training center is mainly divided into three […]

Rural Tourism Pé no Monte by Ivan de Sousa and Ines Antunes


Located on the Alentejo Coast, the Monte Novo da Cruz is a rural property with about 10 ha strongly characterized by a gently undulating land with slopes sometimes relevant. The presence of a curtain of high trees along the south-eastern perimeter of the site and a dense vegetation near a south-western stream stand out in […]

Bottles Congress in Braga designed by Tiago do Vale Arquitectos


BOTTLES’ CONGRESS The “Bottles’ Congress” project came as an answer to the very particular challenges presented by a wine and spirits store in unique circumstances. Located in the outskirts of the city of Braga, in northern Portugal, next to Minho’s University, the client required a system to display over a thousand different wine and spirits […]



Offices for a very young team dedicated to the developement of a football videogame located in Barcelona. The main idea was to evoke the workers and visitors to the atmosphere of a football field using facke grass carpet, stadium pieces and contrast in between the green and white. The structure of the space is simple, […]

Home restoration in Mexico City -San Angel – by DF ARQUITECTOS

Home restoration in Mexico City -San Angel - by DF ARQUITECTOS

The main objective behind the restoration and remodelling of a 1971 house was adding two more additional levels and extension of the house. The house contains two gardens and five deck/terrace in the 3 story house. With an excellent orientation, it is in use since 2013 and manages to transmit the architectural idea of inhabiting […]

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